Order paxCompiler sources

There are three license types: single license (single developer), company license (unlimited company developers - one geographical address) and corporate license (unlimited company developers - unlimited geographical addresses). You get full source code of the paxCompiler compiler without any dcu-s and dll-s. You may integrate the source code with your applications and distribute these applications (executable programs) royalty free. Free updates, upgrades and email support during 15 monthes.

N Product Price (USD) Order
1 Single developer license $199 ShareIt
2 Company license (unlimited developers - 1 office) $449 ShareIt
3 Corporate license (unlimited developers - unlimited offices) $749 ShareIt
4 paxImporter sources (paxCompiler license holders only) $79 FastSpring

Alipay payments are supported now.

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All paxScript.Win32 license holders have 50% discount on paxCompiler license. All paxScript.NET license holders have 30% discount on PaxCompiler license.

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